Workshop Program: Content and Aim

The core idea of the workshops is to transform your field research into digital and visual media. After a basic introduction led by media and film experts and professionals Linda Paganelli, Florian Grundmüller and Simon Brunel, you can choose between two different workshops. While Linda and Florian will support you to create an anthropological film in their workshops, Simon will guide you to create a multimedia story (using Pageflow) in his workshop.

We, as facilitators provide the technical, theoretical, and methodological frame in which you can develop and work on your research project both in anthropological film and/or in multimedia storytelling. Thus, the different workshops are based on a set of components: theoretical lessons on filming and storytelling, practical exercises, and most important, a close mentoring during the development of your audio-visual or multimedia productions.

Pageflow Workshop at »Borders and Migration in Digital Times«

The goal of the workshop is to create a common multimedia report based on the contributions that each participant will produce on the topic and with the format of their choice. These contributions can take various forms such as written articles, photo and sound reports, interviews and videos. For this, we will use the page-flow platform, which allows us to format everyone’s contributions in an aesthetic, intuitive and structured way.

Ethnographic Film Workshop at »Borders and Migration in Digital Times«

The introductory workshop on visual anthropology explores film-making as a viable and fruitful method of research. Thus, the goal within the upcoming two weeks will be to shoot material, edit it, and finish the school with a short film (be it still a rough cut or already a quite developed piece). You will work on your project in three stages: first, there will be a theoretical input on practices of seeing in cultural studies, second, you will learn about methods that put your research questions into audio-visual and multimedia messages, and third, about the technical sphere of post-production, construction of a story, and the editorial work to translate research into film.

Workshop Instructors

Linda Paganelli

Workshop Instructor

Linda Paganelli is a visual anthropologist, artist, and experimental filmmaker. She specialized in Visual Anthropology following a Master’s Degree at Goldsmiths, since then she has worked in (post)conflict zones like Afghanistan, Palestine, Western Balkans, and on sensitive issues in Europe, combining visual art, filmmaking, and anthropology. Her works have been selected at many international film and art festivals, galleries, and academic conferences. She works mainly with experimental filmmaking, participatory visual art, and participatory site-specific art. Her topics concern mainly belonging, migration, death, and gender. Her approach is inclusive and has its foundations in a decolonial, queer * feminist, and migrant perspective. She aims to engage creatively participants of every age, gender, status, ethnicity, and creed to generate a communitarian healing artistic practice.

Florian Grundmüller

Workshop Instructor

Florian Grundmüller is a Cultural and Visual Anthropologist, ethnographic filmmaker, and curator based in Berlin. He studied Cultural Studies and Anthropology in Vienna, Frankfurt/Oder and Austin, Texas, USA and currently holds an MA in Sociocultural Studies from the European University Viadrina. In his scientific work he explores the intersection of aesthetics and borders both in political-activist and artistic-performative contexts. Further, he works on boundaries between the body and technology in emerging technological fields like automated decision making and visualization. During the course of the summer school, Florian will facilitate and mentor working groups in the Visual Anthropology workshop, and supporting the groups in the development of their narratives, as well as composition, production, and post-production.

Simon Brunel

Workshop Instructor

Simon Brunel studied architecture in France and visual anthropology as a DAAD fellow in Frankfurt (Oder) in Germany. In 2007 he founded “Atelier Limo” in Berlin (
Besides writing and directing documentary films, Simon has produced and managed numerous video productions, multimedia formats and international cultural projects, many of which deal with issues such as borders, migration and the environment.